• Tree stump with prayer pockets on it


    No services in Church

    May I wish you all a wonderful 2021, after a very tough 2020.

    While the pandemic is at its height, we have decided to heed the advice of behaving “as if we had Covid” and not meet in person for services. We will though, have a service at 10am on a Sunday which will (if the technology works) be live-streamed on Zoom, and recorded for YouTube in the usual way.

    In addition the church will be open for private prayer from 2pm to 4pm on Wednesdays and 12pm to 2pm on Sundays, with short prayer on the hour.

    Tree Stump Prayer Pockets

    Never heard of these? Well, should you walk in the churchyard while out for your daily exercise, and go through the car park, just into the paddock, you will see the tree stump which is looking a little different.
    There, from Saturday 16 January, for the following 7 days, you are invited to write a few words which will then be passed on to Rev’d. Andrew, who will pray over your words and bless those you mention. Your message can, if you wish, be anonymous. It could be your hopes or fears, a prayer, a poem, someone’s name, a moment of joy, a thank-you, or even a sketch.


    We put some services on You Tube. Please look at some of the other pages of the website to see what other forms of worship and contact we are providing.

    Also, please contact Andrew if you would like a call, a (distanced) visit, or a copy of our weekly newsletter.

    If you are on the internet, our emailed newsletter is a good option: Please sign up for our MailChimp newsletter by completing this form: https://eepurl.com/gVPY_b







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