Charitable Giving Policy



CHARITABLE GIVING POLICY                                    



It is good practice and in keeping with biblical principles that we tithe 10% of our regular unrestricted income* and, since we encourage church members to take up Planned Christian Giving in a systematic and planned way, it is right that as a corporate body, St Mary’s should do the same.


Recognising that administration costs reduce the value of every donation, we limit our support to between 8 and 10 charities each year. The choice of our charities will be determined according to the following principles:


  • At least 50% be given to Christian charities (on the basis that such charities are particularly dependent on the support of Christians)
  • We will support a mixture of overseas, national and local organisations (to maintain balanced giving)
  • We will work towards developing links with the charities we support (to become more deeply and meaningfully involved with their work)
  • Special appeals, whether in the context of a church service or more broadly, are not included as part of the church’s annual tithe (while administered via the church, the donations are restricted and cannot legitimately be considered church funds)




*Weekly collections

   DGS income (including tax back)

   Fund raising profit

   Use of Hall Donations

   Magazine profit

   Interest on Current account. 

   Occasional Offices fee income







ratified by St Mary’s PCC on 11th September 2012

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