The Care of St Marys Churchyard

Welcome to this churchyard, which holds many memories and is used by many for
refreshment and exercise. We are committed to keeping it as a living place, for the beneļ¬t
of all, a place of natural beauty which lends itself to times of quiet reflection.

Many visitors to the churchyard come to tend the burial sites of loved ones. We welcome
this. Sometimes people believe that they have bought the plot of land in which their loved
one is placed. This is not the case: fees paid are largely for the work involved in a burial and
there are Church of England Churchyard Regulations (available on our website) which exist
to keep the churchyard for this generation and generations to come.

In particular we would ask all visitors to the churchyard to abide by the following:

  1. Please do not construct borders around any memorial site.
  2. If you would like to plant a small number of bulbs, please contact me
    but individual gardens and the planting of shrubs are not permitted.
  3. Cut flowers are welcome (it is possible that the deer might eat them) and we would
    ask you to remove them once they start to decay. Silk flowers are permitted but these
    too must be removed once they are faded. Please do not place plastic flowers.
  4. You may place up to two small living pot plants per site. Please remove these should
    they die.
  5. If you would like to leave up to three small objects in memory of the deceased, please
    contact me. If permitted, these may be left at the place of burial for 12 months after
    the burial.
  6. Once a memorial stone has been put into the churchyard, it becomes the property of
    the churchyard and may only be removed (for any reason, even repair) with the
    written permission of the Rector.

We will, as before, remove items that do not comply with the regulations and we are keen
to work with all who visit, to maintain this beautiful, tranquil churchyard.

Please contact me if you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss.
07972 142 073 or

Andrew Parry (Rector)
September 2021

Churchyard Care Session

Churchyard Care

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