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Revd TJ Jones (Curate)
As a Navy-trained nurse, TJ worked for many years in Accident & Emergency

Andrew Parry (Rector)
I have worked at various times as a secondary school History teacher; paramedic;

Jill Bell (LLM)
Jill Bell is a Licensed Lay Minister in the parish. She was licensed at

Reverend Gordon Briggs (Associate Priest)
After a lifelong career in public finance, I retired in 1996. However

Vicky Clayton (Churchwarden)
I have been a member of St. Mary's Church since my baptism here when

Reverend Chris Collinge (Associate Priest)
I am a retired vicar from Milton Keynes and am very happy serving as part

Sue Edwards (Churchwarden)
I have lived in the Parish of Wexham since my marriage to Brian in